This Booty Program includes:


  • A 4 week program. 
  •  Instructions.
  • A detailed glute activation , rehabilitation & mobility routine.


This Program is good for:

  • Build a "Bikini physique".  With a balanced muscle overall look and a well rounded physique, but with a specific emphasis on building and shaping the glutes.
  • Build strength while gaining muscle via progressive overload.
  • Establish a mind - muscle connection with your glutes, such that you learn to activate them properly during lower body exercises. 
  • If you want to learn wich Rep ranges are best for wich exercises.
  • If you want to learn a variety of new movements / exercises then what you know.
  • Also good for anyone who is on a prep for a show, trying to lean out with a caloric deficit. 


Intensive Max Glute Hypertrophy - BOOTY PROGRAM



    By CathaWahl IFBB PRO BIKINI