One diet doesn't fit us all ! 

Im here to help you find the nutrition what will give you the best results, and together we will get to learn what your body respond to and not. 


  • Customized Meal Plans:
  •  I will create a plan according to your fitness needs, your physical and medical conditions, your daily activity intensity, your food preferences etc to design a meal plan that is just perfect for you.
  • A Plan for Every Meal: When you think meal – think breakfast, lunch, snack break and dinner. Based on your preferences, your body needs and your goals, I will guarantee a long list of wholesome goodness for you for each meal of your day.
  • A  list of Recipes to choose from: Keeping your likes, dislikes and preferences in mind, I will make a list of recipes for you that are healthy and at the same time, delicious enough to tickle your taste buds.
  • Im open to help anytime if there is something you would like to change in the plan. 


Personalized Meal Plan



    By CathaWahl IFBB PRO BIKINI